3 Tips For The Best Vegan Acai Bowl Recipe |

The best way to make an acai bowl with 3 tips. The important part is to make sure your acai mixture is firm like soft serve ice cream. I’ll show you how to do it.
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This is a vegan recipe that is chock full of nutrition.
Acai Bowls
Ingredients for 1 bowl:

Acai Berry Mixture:
1 packet frozen Acai puree, no sugar
½ cup frozen blueberries, organic
½ of a frozen banana
2 Tbsp. date paste or 3 pitted dates
½ cup or more of chilled coconut milk

2 Tbsp. hemp hearts
Organic strawberries
Organic blueberries
Organic blackberries
Raw walnut pieces, organic
Sliced bananas

Slice, chop and otherwise prepare your toppings before blending the acai mixture.

Break the acai packet into pieces and place it in a high powered blender like the vitamix or blend tec. The key is to have a blender with a plunger so you can push the frozen ingredients down onto the blade and help mix things up.

Next add the frozen blueberries, frozen banana, date paste and the coconut milk. Blend on low using the plunger to help you mix things up. Add more coconut milk as needed to blend but don’t add too much or you’ll end up with too thin of a consistency. You are looking for a firm soft serve ice cream consistency.

Pour immediately into a bowl, add toppings and enjoy!
Eating this is a great way to start your day full of vitamins and antioxidants. This is also a gluten free recipe and vegan.

Tips for the best acai bowl:

Tip # 1
Use a high speed blender or you may burn out your blender.

Tip # 2
Freeze all the fruit that goes into your acai mixture.

Tip #3
Chop, slice and prepare all toppings before you blend the acai mixture. That way the acai won’t melt and get runny while you are preparing your toppings.
Substituting ingredients:
Feel free to sub in any ingredients you like! This is your acai bowl! Here are some ideas for you.

Pineapple, mango, kiwi, peaches, goji berries, cherries.

Cacao nibs

Nuts & Seeds:
Chia seeds
Hemp seeds
Goji berries
bee pollen
Peanut butter, can be added to acai mixture, try 2 tablespoons
Almond butter, can be added to acai mixture, try 2 tablespoons
Coconut flakes

Almond milk
Rice milk
Lime juice, 1 tbsp. Can be added to acai mixture
Apple juice

Share your ideas in the comments below the video.

Thanks for watching and sharing!
Rockin Robin
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