6 Tips to Make Transitioning to Vegan Easier

Link to the Disease Detox: http://bit.ly/diseasedetox

Are you thinking about transitioning to #Vegan or incorporating a more plant based diet? I have 6 tips to help you get started on your new healthy eating journey!

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Part Time Vegan:A Quick-Start Mini Cooking Course for Curious Carnivores includes:
* 7+ hours of On-Demand Cooking Video
* 16 Printable Vegan Recipes

Four Cooking Modules

1. Vegan Breakfast/Brunch
2. Vegan Lunch/Dinner
3. Vegan Quick Fix Snacks
4. Vegan Desserts

Bonus Features
– Understanding the different types of vegans
– Preparing your kitchen & pantry for a vegan lifestyle
– Tips for Transitioning to Veganism
-The Power of Meal Planning


Healthy is Homemade: A 6-Week Online Cooking Course
to Jump Start Your Healthy Eating Journey includes:

* 7.5 + hours of On-Demand Cooking Video
* 17 Printable Healthy Recipes

Part 1: Creating a Healthy Kitchen
setting up your kitchen for success.

– Purging & Preparing Your Pantry
– Equipment: Getting Set Up
– Refrigerator/Freezer Readiness

Part 2: Creating Healthy Habits
setting up systems and routines to keep you on your healthy eating journey.

– Meal Planning & Preparation
– Creating a Healthy Eating Game Plan

Part 3: Creating Healthy Recipes
learning how to cook DELICIOUS food, that just so happens to be healthy.

– Tasty Veggies
– Salads & Salad Dressings
– Poultry, Meat, & Fish
– Starches & Grains
– Vegetarian Entrees


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