Debunking Vegan Diet Myths: Plant-based Q&A with Dietitian Sophie Medlin

We asked YOU what you really wanted to know about vegan and plant based diets and got answers from the expert – dietitian Sophie Medlin. She’s here to debunk the myths about vegan diets and give you the science backed answers to your most common plant based diet questions.

This Q&A covers some of the most controversial questions about vegan diets, uncovering the truth about how to eat plant based healthily.

Here’s what we cover:

0:00 Debunking Vegan Diet Myths
0:01 Who is dietitian Sophie Medlin
0:12 Is a plant-based diet actually healthier?
0:25 Where will I get my protein from on a vegan diet?
0:53 Will I be hungry all the time?
1:09 Are plant-based meat substitutes healthy?
1:27 Is it healthy for my kids to eat plant-based too?
2:04 Training for a triathlon on a vegan diet?
2:29 Which vitamins am I most likely to miss out on?
2:48 Where will I get omega 3 from?
3:22 Do you need to supplement vitamin B12 on a plant-based diet?
3:48 What does vitamin B12 do?
4:15 What are the plant-based sources of b12?
4:33 Can I get everything I need from a plant-based diet?
4:46 Symptoms of vitamin deficiencies
5:09 Pantry staples for a plant-based diet?

Sophie Medlin is a registered dietitian and a spokesperson for evidence based nutrition. She’s one of the UK’s leading respected dietitians. Sophie helped Heights formulate the Smart Supplement using her experience working in hospitals and clinics where she regularly diagnosed and treated nutritional deficiencies.

Here at Heights our mission is to help you care for the brain that cares for you.

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