Explaining My Vegan Candida Diet Meal Plan

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Let me tell you a story – when I transitioned to whole food plant-based diet (WFPBD) back in 2012 at first everything improved, but then something happened – I simply screwed up, even with WFPBD! I started eating too much of high glycemic foods, such as dried fruit as well as baked grains in combination with nuts and seeds. Now, having a history with antibiotics it didn’t take long before I developed Candida overgrowth.
And it became a big problem for me – so, the work I have done with those Candida meal plans is highly personal.
Since I was not able to find any resources addressing plant-based Candida diet, I started the massive work of compiling balanced vegan Candida diet meal plan for myself to follow. And it worked – I slowly started getting better!

Now, if you researched for 2 hours every day after work, it would take you 6 months to establish all the new routines, foods and you vegan Candida diet meal plan. Would you be ready for that? Wouldn’t you fall off the wagon at some point? Imagine skipping all that hard work and simply start implementing healing practices and foods into your daily life!
My first vegan Candida diet meal plans had a really simple just meal plan approach. However, I soon realized that all 6 steps to heal Candida overgrowth naturally needed to be addressed in order to help people get better.
This is why, in my free guide and meal plans I now explain:
1. Testing and diagnosing
2. Anti-Candida Diet (cleanse as well as reintroduction)
3. Supporting Immunity, adrenals, gut, liver and mitochondria
4. Stress management
5. Sleep management
6. And finally supplements.

So, who is this plan NOT for?
— Firstly, natural healing through lifestyle requires commitment – making a few changes or sticking to your new routines only a couple of days a week won’t give you results.
— Secondly, wholesome healing foods need to be cooked at home. So, if you’re not ready to make the effort or have someone do it for you, you won’t succeed.
— Thirdly, if you’re the kind of person who thinks that cheating is fine, don’t buy this plan!
— And finally, no natural healing program is one-size-fits-all! This plan is not for you, if you’re not ready for some trial and error.

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