Full UC Remission Timeline Explained

This video finally explains my entire healing timeline in the correct chronological order starting from my UC diagnosis. I also clearly explain my time as High Carb Health’s (HCH) client following the vegan diet, and why I chose to abandon the vegan diet in favor of an all-inclusive gut microbiome optimizing approach. Contrary to what I have said in the past, the vegan diet did NOT heal me. I was wrong. As I explain in the video, I truly thought I was healed at the time of my interview with HCH. However, not long after our interview, I began eating out at different restaurants because I thought I was healed. I began noticing symptoms of UC soon after.

After that, I decided to educate myself on the gut microbiome. I became convinced that optimizing the gut microbiome was the key to healing UC/IBD. From what I read, there seemed to be multiple ways in which the gut microbiome could be optimized, and that a vegan diet could be one such way. I was faced with two choices: make some modifications and continue on with the vegan diet… or choose a route that allowed me to eat both plants and animal products. I chose the latter because it gave me the most freedom, and I came to the conclusion that this route would also be faster. I was able to heal a few months later and I haven’t looked back since. I also had a colonoscopy and a biopsy performed in 2018 that confirmed I’m in clinical and endoscopic remission. I can now eat anything I want to, including junk food, with no symptoms. This is the definition of healing that I was looking for, and it was the one that I got: “to be able to consume a full range of foods without bleeding, mucus, urgency, or diarrhea; to have well-formed solid bowel movements; and to be on no medication.”

I would like to be clear: there is abundant research that supports the idea of being able to optimize the gut microbiome on a vegan diet. I think that if I had been willing to stick with the vegan diet, and maybe make some small modifications, I would have eventually been able to fully heal. I was very close to doing it twice, as I explain in the video. Many people have been able to heal from IBD while following a whole foods plant based vegan diet. Most notably, Shamiz from High Carb Health and Dr. David Klein, author of Self Healing Colitis & Crohn’s.

Shamiz and Shukul from High Carb Health were nothing but professional while I was their client and they were fantastic to work with. They’ve helped several people heal from IBD and they tremendously helped me. Even though I decided not to follow through with their program in the end, I’m still a fan of their work and aspects of the vegan diet (though I am no longer vegan). Due to a number of variables, the vegan diet might not be for everyone. But if you are interested in a whole food plant based diet approach to fighting IBD, the Kachwalla brothers from High Carb Health are the experts in that arena.

Here is their website: http://www.highcarbhealth.com/
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/highcarbvegan1/featured

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Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or dietician. The information in this video is based on my personal experiences and independent study of IBD. The information in this video is intended only for educational purposes and should NOT be taken as a substitute for medical advice NOR be acted upon without the approval and supervision of a licensed physician.

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