I went VEGETARIAN for a WEEK, here’s what happened

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The vegetarian & vegan diet have gained a lot popularity this last year especially since the release of games changers. Therefore, instead of going vegan for a day I thought why not try a full week of eating the vegetarian diet almost as a science experiment to see what it actually feels like eating no meat & only eating plant based, vegetarian protein sources

For those unaware, there are different types of vegetarian diet plans, vegan, lacto ovo vegetarian, pescatarian etc but the overall rule is that most vegetarian meal plans involve eating no meat, fish or poultry & instead eating plant based protein foods & following vegetarian recipes without meat fish or poultry

The vegetarian diet & vegan diet are also often touted for being a good fat loss diet however, the main reason if at all that the vegetarian or vegan diets are effective diet plan to lose fat are that they fill you up a lot more due to an increase in fibre in your diet & also just have you naturally reduce the amount of junk you eat by limiting your food

As far as a diet plan to bulk up & for muscle gain, the vegetarian & vegan diet have often been feared by bodybuilding enthusiasts due to the decrease in hbv protein sources. It’s proposed that it can make building muscle more difficult however as I discuss in the vegetarian & vegan diet science explained part of the vid, if being a smart vegetarian or vegetarian, you can still build muscle & lose fat when eating a vegetarian or vegan diet plan

So although I try to eat clean on a daily basis, why not tweak my staple recipes & meals to be lacto ovo vegetarian & try being a vegetarian for a week. Carbs & fats were easy to hit &, apart from a few challenges, still managed to hit my protein & calorie goal every day even on my intake of 4500 calories showing that it is possible to build muscle as a vegetarian or vegan bodybuilder if you just make the effort to cook & eat enough

Again so let me know if you want this series of week long food challenges to continue with week work of a full day of eating another diet type other than my usual iifym day of eating so comment below what week long food challenge you’d like me to try next vs my usual iifym full day of eating diet.

Again, It’s a full 7 day vlog taking you through the full 7 days where I went vegetarian for a week including 7 full day of eating as a vegetarian, healthy recipes & science so b ready for some game changing vlogs & potentially week long food challenges or full day of eating food challenges coming soon

Also, I have written a whole blog onsite about the vegetarian & vegan diet covering questions like:
• How to build muscle as a vegetarian/ vegan
• Best supplements for vegetarians / vegans
• Best protein for vegetarians / vegans
• Vegetarian & vegan bodybuilding tips
• & more

All of which I discus in relation to the science (so you know it works). I’ll let the vid do the rest so sit back, relax & enjoy me taking you through yet another week food challenge vlog & 7 days of full day of eating as a vegetarian to build muscle for a week

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If you like this vid where I went vegetarian for a week then let me know what other popular diets you may like me to try for a week & I may just try it?

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