Vegan Egg Substitutes for Baking

We get asked a lot how to replace eggs and even why we use applesauce in many of our recipes and how to replace it.

We wanted to bring you a new style of video that aims to answer some of the many questions we get while still being really informative.
We are showing today more than 15 vegan egg substitutes for baking and a rough overview of how to use them.

We hope you like this style of video and if you do comment down below and let us know so we know to make more.

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Vegan Egg Substitutes:

Allergens: Most are Top 8 Free, but enough alternatives to pick which ones are best for you

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1:15 : Why Are Eggs Used in Baking
4:15 : Flax Egg for Egg Replacer
5:35 : Chia Egg for Egg Replacer
6:25 : Bananas as Egg Replacer
7:45 : Applesauce as Egg Replacer
9:20 : Aquafaba as Egg White Replacer
10:15 : Silken Tofu for Egg Replacer
11:10 : Nut Butters as Egg Replacer
11:50 : Chickpea Flour as Egg Replacer
12:15 : Baking Soda, Water & Vinegar as Egg Replacer
12:45 : Baking Powder, Oil, and Water as Egg Replacer
13:05 : Cornstarch and water as Egg Replacer
13:05 : Arrowroot Powder and water as Egg Replacer
13:35 : Agar Agar as Egg Replacer
14:05 : Carbonated Water as Egg Replacer
14:35 : Dairy Free Yogurt as Egg Replacer
15:30 : Pureed Fruits as Egg Replacer
17:00 : Additional Tips for Replacing Eggs in Vegan Baking

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