Vegan Lunches You’ll Actually WANT to Bring to School Back

Welcome to Day One of my week-long Back to School Lunch series! I’m sharing a new portable lunch recipe for school or work – AND some yummy snack ideas – to make packing your lunch a lot more fun 🙂

Today’s lunch is a vegan quesadilla, made with energy boosting whole grain tortillas from Trader Joes, vitamin-rich sweet potatoes, and some Follow Your Heart Pepper Jack (vegan) cheese.

These healthy quesadillas are delicious warm or at room temperature, and I recommend serving them with a salsa, guac, and some fresh lime wedges.

↠ To Make These Sweet Potato Jack Quesadillas you will need:

– 1 large sweet potato
– sea salt
– 4-6 whole wheat or regular flour tortillas
– 4-5 slices vegan pepper jack cheese (or vegan cheese of choice)

This will make 2-3 large quesadillas.

1. Peel + chop the sweet potato and transfer to a pan with cold water. Add a pinch of salt and bring to a boil. Cook for 12-15 minutes or until fork tender.

2. Drain the water and season with a big pinch of salt. Mash until mostly smooth . Then spread the mashed sweet potatoes onto a tortilla, top with vegan cheese, and cover with another tortilla.

3. Warm a large, non-stick frying pan to medium high heat and toast the quesadilla for about 2-3 minutes on each side or until golden brown.

4. Transfer to a cutting board and let cool slightly before cutting into triangles.

5. In the meantime, backup your salsa, guacamole, and snacks 🙂

↠ To add more protein and fiber to this lunch try my:

Fiesta Black Bean + Corn Salad

White Bean Guacamole Recipe

↠ Remember:

1. The smaller you chop the potatoes, the faster they’ll cook.

2. You can cook the potatoes the night before or even a few days before, like if you’re doing a Sunday meal prep.

3. Leftover sweet potatoes from last night’s dinner make this a super fast + easy lunch for the next day. If the potatoes are already cooked, this can be made in a matter of minutes, so try to remember to make extra at dinner time!

4. If you’re starting from scratch and making the potatoes in the morning, try to plan your your morning so that you’re potatoes are cooking while you’re making breakfast, sipping your coffee, or packing other parts of your lunch box. It really only takes about 15 minutes to boil potatoes, so if you use that time in the morning wisely, it can easily be done day of 🙂

5. If Pepper Jack is too spicy, Follow Your Heart makes a really good Vegan Provolone and a Mozzarella too. I also love VioLife’s Vegan Mature Cheddar.

↠ What was your favorite lunch as a kid? Let me know in the comments!

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