Why I Decided To Go Vegan

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Exceptional Summer High Water in Venice
Awakening / Contributor/Getty Images
ried chicken – stock photo
Donna Alberico/Getty Images
Grilled Fillet Steak with Herbs
Woman’s Hand holding hot dog
Ivan/Getty Images
clam soup
artsholic/Getty Images
Anonymous For The Voiceles Protest March In Amsterdam
NurPhoto/Getty Images
Vegan activists seen wearing Guy Fawkes masks while holding…
SOPA Images/Getty Images
Anonymous For The Voiceless Protest During 24-Hour In Amsterdam
NurPhoto/Getty Images
Anonymous For The Voiceless Protest During 24-Hour In Amsterdam
NurPhoto/Getty Images
Prime rib Meat
alle12/Getty Images
Wild spider on transparent background
blueringmedia/Getty Images
Large lobster tail served with white wine
Alina555/Getty Images

Several Large Hens (Chickens) Walk around a Grassy Residential Backyard Looking for Food in Springtime on a Sunny Day – stock video
Hoptocopter/Getty Images
Sad dogs in shelter behind fence waiting to be rescued and adopted to new home
Constantinis/Getty Images
Hundreds of chicks fill cages that move along conveyors in a poultry farm.
Discovery Access/Getty Images
Forest fire in the island of Borneo Kalimantan in Indonesia
joakimbkk/Getty Images
Automatic putting of caps on plastic bottles with purified drinking water in factory, close-up
DedMityay/Getty Images
Aerial overhead flooded village in rural country
fivepointsix/Getty Images
Aerial view of the Old Port of Montreal
ATW Media/Getty Images
Woman feeding baby squirrel
chabybucko/Getty Images
Mother Cow playing with calf in a milk production farm.
mustafagull/Getty Images
Large Cargo Ship in Hong Kong
pongnathee kluaythong/Getty Images
Cows lying
Image Source Ltd/Getty Images
Part of a waste deposit in the open air containing plastic junk.
SVTeam/Getty Images
Airliner Landing Slo-mo 4K
Robert Brown/Getty Images
Pigs on an modern industrial pig farm
Rat0007/Getty Images
Chicken processing line at poultry farm.
Babayev/Getty Images
MS Father sitting on blanket with infant daughter in backyard on summer morning
Thomas Barwick/Getty Images
Dog Waiting the Raining Stop
Komjomo/Getty Images
Young Cattle Calf in a Stall
davidf/Getty Images
Cow calf in a farm
lavoview/Getty Images
Chicken at poultry, farm. Poultry production. 4K.
SVTeam/Getty Images
A poor white dog in his tiny metal cage
Constantinis/Getty Images
Cars and truck in traffic
Blimp Tele Inc/Getty Images
eggs chicken farm
Tzido/Getty Images
Processed meat for sausage
Nikocam/Getty Images
Cute baby possum feeding
GraingerFilms/Getty Images
Serving Pizza on the table
commandoXphoto/Getty Images
close angle of small wood box with little bird inside. box inside larger leather bag or suitcase. box left slightly open so bird can breathe.
Sony Pictures Entertainment/Getty Images
Intensive factory farming of chickens in broiler houses, South Africa
MartinHarvey/Getty Images
Intensive factory farming of chickens in broiler houses, South Africa
MartinHarvey/Getty Images
Iceberg crashing
AfriLens/Getty Images
Farmer holding little chicken in his hands
danchooalex/Getty Images
Extreme close up of man talking
Johnce/Getty Images
Oxford Scientific Films/Getty Images
Animated boy cries uncontrollably
Onyx Media, Llc/Getty Images
Carbon monoxide from motorcycle.
Easy_Company/Getty Images
Medium close up of a calf lying down in a pen.
KVIE Television – America’s Heartland/Getty Images
MS SLO MO View of cheese tossing / Los Angeles, CA, United States
Imstepf Studios Llc/Getty Images
WS Farmer preparing cows for milking at organic dairy farm / Columbus, Wisconsin, USA
Andrew Sacks/Getty Images
Schroptschop/Getty Images
CU, Brown Swiss (Bos, B. Taurus) cow in milking parlor, St. Marys, Ohio, USA
Andrew Sacks/Getty Images


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